Hälsningar från Turkiet!

Här kommer en liten hälsning från mig! Vi har det helt underbart! Jag älskar Bodrum halvön! Skärgården är så vacker!

Ha det så gott/Anna


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    Matte, mettalic, satin, or shimmer? You can have all these looks with Aqua XL’s ink eyeliner. The liner’s formula is packed with powerful pigments that can resist humidity. Color will stay on your lids all day. It also doesn’t go off easily and it’s smudge proof….My new eyeliner choice!…This eyeliner is so awesome! So my eyeliners always end up smudging after a few hours (even though it is waterproof/smudge proof). The majority of gel eyeliners are twist-ups (meaning, nope, you can’t sharpen ’em)—but this pencil-gel hybrid isn’t most eyeliners. Translation: You get the creamy, silky texture of waterproof gel with all the ease of a pencil. Just know that when this bb sets, it sets, so if you’re going for a smokey eye look, make sure you smudge it out ASAP.

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