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    Deactivating Facebook? Here is how to download your Facebook videos Facebook again causes issues such as problems, divorce, cancer and depression. But we also get new things that Facebook causes: Gmail ads appear initially in a collapsed state at the top of the Gmail Promotions tab. Clicks on the collapsed ads expand them into a full email-sized canvas, where the viewer can interact with the ad’s images and text. People who expand the ad can choose to save it or forward the expanded ads to someone else as an email message. What should be the purpose? This report follows the news from earlier this week of the NSA’s involvement in collecting call data and records from Verizon in another massive surveillance partnership. With more than a billion audience around the globe, Facebook is a potential platform for business to build brand awareness and have a wider reach of customers. Our team can help in developing Facebook Ads campaigns that enable our client to reach the right prospects at the right time and in an effective way.
    4. Zhang Yiming: Yiming is the founder of one of the largest social media platforms in China known as ByteDance. In case you didn’t know this company, consider it the parent of the worldwide sensation TikTok. Yiming has surprised everybody by becoming one of the youngest people in the history of the world to make their way into the richest people in Asia Today he is only 39 years old and previously was also a member of the 2013 Forbes China 30 under 30 lists. Since that period of 2013 his performance has only gone up and today his net worth is estimated to be around 49.5 billion USD. The music industry in Nigeria has proven to be a lucrative avenue to amass wealth but one must be talented and well connected before the wealth in the industry can be tapped. There are many rich Musicians in Nigeria but the list above provide the top 10 richest Musicians in Nigeria. Although there are various sources with varying net-worth of these artistes, but the most recent and up to date information is provided in this article. The net worth will change over the years but at the time of writing, reliable sources have been consulted.

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